Canning MHR Andrew Hastie calls on Alcoa and the AWU to reach an agreement

Andrew Hastie
Andrew Hastie

CANNING MHR Andrew Hastie has called on Alcoa and the Australian Workers Union to reach an agreement.

In a speech to Parliament this week, Mr Hastie moved a motion about the ongoing strike of Alcoa workers in the Peel region and supported their calls for job security, identifying the cost of energy as a risk to Australian industry and jobs.

In his notice of motion, he moved that Parliament recognise the industrial action by Alcoa workers since August 8, the cost on both Alcoa and its workforce, the impact of the high cost of energy, recognition of the resolve of the Federal Government to reduce power prices and the need for an agreement that protected the job security of workers.

“We have an energy crisis in this country and it is hurting Australian industry, our workers and our competiveness in a global economy,’’ he said.

“This strike is the result of more than 18 months of failed negotiations with Alcoa over a new EBA.

“Alcoa wants their Australian operations to remain competitive, Alcoa workers want job security.

“The high cost of energy is making us less productive and less competitive, killing industry and Australian jobs.”

Mr Hastie said Alcoa had operated in the Peel region for more than 40 years.

“You cannot imagine the Peel Region without Alcoa,’’ he said.

“We need both Alcoa and the workers to win.

“We need an energy policy that provides a secure future for working families, seniors and industry before it is too late.”