Canning residents must enrol to vote tonight

The Canning by-election will be held on Saturday, September 19 and is for eligible voters living in the division of Canning Western Australia.

Canning residents must update their enrolment details before 8pm tonight.

Some of the political parties have announced their candidates for next month�s Canning by-election.

Labor has put forward former Law Society of WA president Matthew Keogh.

Last Friday, Palmer United named Vimal Sharma, a business executive, as its candidate.

Over the weekend, the Greens announced Curtin University lecturer and renewable energy advocate Vanessa Rauland will stand in the by-election.

Independent Teresa Van Lieshout has nominated, she is a teacher and self-published author on social, theological and political issues.

The Shooters Party and the Australian Defence Veterans Party are expected to announce candidates tomorrow.

The Mandurah Coastal Times and the Canning Times will profile the candidates in the lead up to the by-election.

Residents of Canning can enrol to vote here.