Catching more than just waves

MANDURAH 21-year-old Matt Rakich was body boarding at Pyramids Beach when he was hit by a salmon.

�The rocks are full of fisherman here for the salmon, so we knew the water would be full of fish,� Mr Rakich explained.

�But I didn’t quite expect this to happen.

�We’d seen dolphins all morning, but they hadn’t come close to us, they were too engaged with the salmon further out.�

Mr Rakich said he took a wave and felt something hard hit him.

�I looked down and there was a salmon, stunned,� he said.

�I think a dolphin hit it, stunned it with its tail and then I just grabbed it.

�I hit it in the head and swam into shore, easiest catch I’ve had this season,�

Mr Rakich then posed for photos holding up his board and the fish. The salmon was about 6kg and more than 1.5 feet long.

�My brother will hate me though,� Mr Rakich said.

�He came down the other day and didn’t get anything, and I got one without a rod and on my board.�