Celebrations for Peel Community Kitchen anniversary

Celebrations for Peel Community Kitchen anniversary

PEEL Community Kitchen celebrated their 10th anniversary on Tuesday.

The Peel Community Kitchen served its first meal at Sutton Hall in September 2009 and has been serving around 200 people per day as well as 1000 meals per week.

They serve anyone who needs a warm meal and a place to be.

Councilman Shane Jones, Mayor Rhys Williams, Deputy Mayor Caroline Knight and Angelo Gangemi.

Peel Community Kitchen Secretary Angelo Gangemi is proud to be able to help at the kitchen.

“It’s been great to talk to some of the people who were around 10 years ago about the way it started and to be here for 10 years still providing the service as well as helping people in need is fantastic,” he said.

“We get a sense of appreciation from them, and they often express their appreciation because we are making a difference in their lives.”

A few years ago, Mr Gangemi experienced the essence of the program.

A man donated $500 to the community kitchen in thanks because they helped him during hard times, and he was able to achieve the life he wanted.

Around 40 volunteers share the duties with the kitchen open from 9.30 am till 1 pm.

In the future, they hope to upgrade the kitchens or potentially move closer to the library to provide more services.

Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams and Deputy Mayor Caroline Knight joined in with the celebrations.