City of Mandurah elects new deputy, as new councillors are sworn in

City of Mandurah chief executive Mark Newman and new mayor Rhys Williams.
City of Mandurah chief executive Mark Newman and new mayor Rhys Williams.

CAROLINE Knight was named deputy mayor and the new mayor and councillors were sworn in at a ceremony at the City of Mandurah council chambers last night.

In a shock move, Darren Lee, Mandurah’s longest serving deputy mayor, did not renominate for the position.

Instead North wards councillor Peter Jackson and Knight and Town ward councillor David Schumacher nominated.

The council voted via a secret ballot with Cr Knight emerging victorious.

Cr Lee said he did not nominate as he is studying for a masters degree.

All the councillors received a chance to address the chamber and outline their goals for their time on council.

Cr Merv Darcy, the newest councillor for Coastal ward, said he believed people should work together to promote Mandurah and not  denigrate it.

“I want to see Mandurah’s name in lights for good news, not bad news,” he said.

Cr Lynn Rodgers echoed his sentiments.

“It’s is a shame people always go to the negative, as every city has problems,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to four years of positivity.”

Cr Schumacher outlined his plans to bring a 200-bed rehabilitation and mental health centre to the region.

Town ward’s newest councillor Matt Rogers also spoke of his plan to create a “a multi-generational, safe, accessible city” after meeting people during his election campaign.

“I heard the experience of people in the community who are feeling a lot of pain,” he said.

“They have depression and anxiety and they are under mortgage stress.

“I want to work to deliver the social infrastructure to create a happier, healthier Mandurah.”

Mayor Rhys Williams said he aimed to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, former Mandurah Mayor Paddi Creevey.

He also pledged to follow three pieces of advice from Colombia’s Mayor of Bogota to create a great city – a shared vision, a strong team and an engaged determined community.

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