City of Mandurah considers closing unused roads in Yalgorup National Park

City of Mandurah considers closing unused roads in Yalgorup National Park

THE City of Mandurah is considering closing several unmade road reserves in Yalgorup National Park.

The council plans to ask the Minister for Lands to approve closure of the roads adjacent to Lake Clifton and surrounding lakes.

The roads have never been built or used by the public.

But the Shire of Waroona claims the closures would compromise secondary access from Preston Beach town site in an emergency.

In a report to the Waroona council, officers said the roads were unconstructed and unidentified for construction in the short term and it was not appropriate to close them while the future of further development of the town site remained unclear.

According to City of Mandurah, the State Government bought several large parcels of land earmarked for amalgamation into the park and road access was no longer required.

The council said closure of the unmade roads also provided for the future protection of flora and fauna within the A Class reserve.

Peel Preservation Group also supported closure, citing damage caused by unregulated access to the reserve by off-road vehicles and protection of reserves for future generations.

Yalgorup National Park provides habitat for a range of threatened flora and fauna protected under State and Federal legislation including the Lake Clifton thrombolites, western ringtailed possums and the king spider orchid, as well as one of the last significant stands of remnant tuart forest on the Swan Coastal Plain.

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