College decrees students and staff boycott Maccas

The newsletter said as the college opposed the development, �we need to continue to be principled in this area�.

�As such, no staff member is permitted to make purchases at either of the new businesses during work hours or for work-related purposes.

�Parents who opposed the development are encouraged to continue opposition by not supporting the business, in this location.

�Parents are reminded that the college parking is to be used for college business.

�Parking at the college and walking across to the new McDonald�s is not the purpose of our parking.�

The newsletter outlines that no student should leave the college grounds at any time during the day to purchase lunch.

�No FCC student should leave the college after school to make a purchase from nearby businesses and then return to the college.

�Students are not permitted to have fast food lunches brought to the college.�

The newsletter said the college was not opposed to Caltex or McDonald�s in appropriate areas, such as commercial or business precincts.

�Not between schools and where more medical and health facilities are needed.�

A McDonald�s spokesman said the company had worked hard to ensure all requirements for the site, which was zoned for businesses, were met.