Come to the party, Colin

Seeking more help... Vicki and Daniel Ceicys and Cameron Smith. Picture: Jon Hewson d414602
Seeking more help... Vicki and Daniel Ceicys and Cameron Smith. Picture: Jon Hewson d414602

Daniel and Vicki Ceicys look after Cameron Smith (21) who has cerebral palsy, an 18-year-old and their three children aged 19, seven and five.

Mr Ceicys said the State Government was out of touch with people doing it tough in the community.

He said the Government spent thousands of dollars each day trying to kill sharks while so many people in the community were struggling.

‘You come and do this for a week and see how you manage,’ he challenged Mr Barnett. ‘You wouldn’t last a day.’

With seven people living in their modest home, Mr Ceicys relied on his gyprock work to support everyone.

But, he had to give his work away a month ago when Mrs Ceicys injured her back while lifting Cameron (21).

With two slipped discs, Mrs Ceicys is in a wheelchair and needs 40 tablets a day for pain relief.

Mr Ceicys has become Cameron’s full time carer.

The family are angry they cannot afford the equipment to properly care for Cameron and said the Government had ‘not come to the party.’

They said their home needed modifications for Cameron’s wheelchair and a van with a wheelchair lift.

The family said it had been a battle trying to get help to care for Cameron.

Many departments and organisations had been contacted.

Cameron said a van would be wonderful because he could then go to church.

Disability Services Minister Helen Morton said the Commission had worked with Cameron Smith’s family and carers over many years to provide appropriate services and supports, including equipment and household modifications.

‘The Department of Housing has provided Cameron with an accessible house and he currently has substantial funding to help meet his needs,’ she said.

‘The family are invited to contact the Commission to discuss any other options to assist them in their current situation.’