Compassionate gesture aims to change chances

Robert and Kasey Hunter.
Robert and Kasey Hunter.

Mr Hunter was diagnosed with a brain tumour 16 years ago. He has had multiple operations and chemotherapy.

In the past few years, he started to lose the feeling in the left side of his body and could no longer walk.

With traditional treatments no longer working, Mr Hunter used his superannuation to seek alternative treatments in Germany.

Ms Hunter said the treatments were an amazing success.

‘Three weeks into his treatment he already started to gain movement in his left arm back and started to move his leg again,’ she said.

To help her father pay for the treatment, the 21-year-old will shave her head if she can fundraise $20,000 by March 17.

She also plans to share any donations with Steven Glass, who is also seeking treatment for a brain tumour in Germany.

‘The costs for these treatments were starting to restrict our friends as well as us, so I would like to give half of all the money raised to them to help them keep their house and pay for the treatments,’ she said.

‘This being a last option to save our loved ones’ lives, I am turning to those around me to please help support. All I want is to help these people live long lives as everyone should get a chance to. Every little bit helps.’

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