Concern for Falcon memorial tree

Concern for Falcon memorial tree

MONICA and John Leggo are concerned a memorial tree in Falcon Bay could die during the redevelopment of the foreshore.

The Norfolk Island pine tree was planted in memory of Madeline Milligan (7), who died in a car crash in Falcon several years ago.

Mrs Leggo said Maddie’s parents had moved away and she had promised to look after the tree.

“But they cut the reticulation to the little pine tree,” Mrs Leggo said.

Mr Leggo said the current works did not include the 20m of the foreshore where the memorial tree grows.

“I asked the contractors why they didn’t include the small area, but they said it wasn’t in the budget for this year,” he said. “The top of the tree was lying over and it hadn’t been watered since the last rain.

“We’ve been watering it by hand. We can’t understand why they can’t just complete the extra 20m.”

A City of Mandurah spokeswoman said it was anticipated a new irrigation system would be installed before the end of the year.

“While the construction works are taking place, the foreshore trees will be watered, including the memorial Norfolk Island pine tree,” she said.