Councillor calls for move to the CBD

Cr Reibeling said parts of the administration building were showing signs of deterioration and the council’s 10-year capital works plan showed no funding for reconstruction.

He claimed there was plenty of valuable land owned by council in the CBD that could be used and in the next few years, parts of the CBD would be “crying out” for new infrastructure. The administration buildings were not falling down, he said, but council should look at the opportunity of building new ones.

Mayor Marina Vergone agreed with Cr Reibeling’s suggestions but said there were many other projects that council needed to carry out first.

“Maybe it should be looked at again in five years time,’’ she said.

In a second notice of motion, Cr Reibeling asked the council to investigate the potential for a sister city relationship with the Chinese city of Hangzhou.

He said relationships with appropriate cities could lead to economic, social and tourism outcomes.

Mayor Vergone said she could see no economic benefits from such a move.