Greenfields: Crashes have locals feeling vulnerable

GREENFIELDS residents are concerned about cars crashing on Murdoch Drive and they fear an innocent bystander may be killed.

Olympus Rise resident Harbreet Kaur said a car ploughed through the back fence of her yard.

She said it was lucky her children, aged six and four, were not playing in the back yard at the time.

“I am concerned it could be worse next time,” she said.

“Cars turn off Mandurah Road and lose control.

“It is not good, we experience this many times.”

Landlord Royston Sheppard said cars “fly” through the Mandurah Road and Murdoch Drive intersection, sometimes doing 80-to-90km/h to beat the red light.

He wants barriers or traffic calming measures put in place.

City of Mandurah Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman said council had received a request for traffic management assistance from the home owner.

“Officers will investigate the incident with the owner and assess what options may be available to assist in addressing such incidents,” he said.

“Local Government can only do so much in the area of road safety and work with our local police to ensure our roads are safe for all.

“However, driver behaviour is a community issue and we urge our community to take care on the roads.”