Damaging storms sign of things to come

State Emergency Services (SES) manager Chris Stickland said the storm was a sign of things to come this winter.

But he said the weather was not as bad as the Bureau of Meteorology predicted.

�There was so much rain that people�s homes flooded,� he said.

�We had 20 jobs throughout Mandurah; 10 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.�

He said people needed to learn from the weather at the weekend and get themselves storm ready.

�This is a wake-up for storm season,� he said.

�Storm season damage costs are more significant than fires and cyclones.

�It�s important for people to prepare.�

The SES rain gauge recorded 30cm of rain from 12am on Saturday through to Sunday.

�The further south west you went, the worse the weather was,� he said.

�Some areas had more rain though and some had less.�