Dangerous driver loses licence till mid 2017

A WOMAN, who drove the day after she lost her licence for dangerous driving, will not be able to get her driver’s licence until mid-2017.

Yim Fong, who is an Australian citizen, needed a translator on Friday to help her understand proceedings in Mandurah Magistrates Court.

Through the translator, Fong pleaded guilty to driving without a licence.

The police prosecutor told the court that Fong, who has never held an Australian licence, was caught driving on August 27 in San Remo.

A day earlier, she had been convicted in her absence of dangerous driving at Mandurah Magistrates Court and had her licence cancelled until August 2016.

Duty lawyer Clare Hay represented Fong.

Ms Hay said Fong had no knowledge of the suspension when she drove, however she pleaded guilty on the basis that she did drive that day.

She said Fong holds a Chinese licence and now recognises the need to get her Australian licence, once the suspension is lifted.

Fong was fined $400, had her licence disqualified for nine months cumulative on the existing suspension and ordered to pay $169 in court costs.