Dawesville’s Timber’s Edge craft group helps make up feminine hygiene care packs for Ugandan school girls

The Timber’s Edge craft group with some of the items they are sending to Uganda.
The Timber’s Edge craft group with some of the items they are sending to Uganda.

UP to 10 per cent of Ugandan school girls, eager to learn, miss up to 20 per cent of their education every month as they are unable to access feminine hygiene products, says Dawesville resident Wendy Singh on her gofundme page.

Her daughter Debbie lived in Uganda for 12 years working as a women’s doctor.

She also trained local people as health workers who could then go into their communities and teach good health practices.

But when Ms Singh heard about the good work the Days for Girls campaign was doing, she decided she wanted to carry on the same work in the villages Debbie was working with.

Ms Singh approached a group of her friends from the Timber’s Edge craft group in Dawesville and they started creating packs to send to girls in Uganda, each containing two pairs of knickers, three pad holders, 10 pads, a bar of soap and a washcloth, in a drawstring bag.

All items are washable and can be used again and again.

As well as donations from Timber’s Edge residents, the local Anglican op shop has been saving good fleecy sheets and other suitable fabrics. Donations of knickers, washcloths and soaps have also been received.

So far, 50 packs have been sent and the craft group was delighted to receive an email with photos of the girls being given their gift packs.

The next shipment weighing 50kg is ready to go and will cost $400 to send.

The gofundme page Educate Ugandan Girls has been set up and any contributions to future freight costs would be appreciated. To donate or for information, call 0407 199 739.