Dee Freitag is City of Mandurah’s Local Legend

Dee Freitag is City of Mandurah’s Local Legend

DEE Freitag is the City of Mandurah’s latest local legend.

Ms Freitag is the chief executive and founder of Halo Team Inc, a local not-for-profit charitable organisation that helps with issues facing the community including people experiencing homelessness or risk or in need.

Halo Team offers a range of services provided by donations and funds received from the sale of second hand goods at the Community Op Shop, operated by volunteers.

The organisation provides food, clothing, household items, furniture, transitional accommodation and outreach support assisting with welfare services.

The Weekend Community Kitchen supplies free meals, hygiene packs, blankets, warm clothing and toiletries.

Ms Freitag opened Halo Team Inc in 2014 and continually puts the needs of the team and community before her own.

This year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer but in true form, she was still thinking of others and is now working on providing Chemo Care Packs, to help patients experiencing cancer.

Mayor Rhys Williams said it was a great privilege to meet such an amazing person.

“Dee’s strength and positivity is inspirational,’’ he said.

“Even while she is experiencing her own serious health issue, she is still thinking about how to help others.

“Our community is a better place because of people like her.’’

Anyone who knows someone who deserves to be a local legend, should contact Mr Williams.

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