Delegation from Peel visits Canberra to meet Govt ministers

Paul Fitzpatrick, John Lambrecht, Rhys Williams, Andrew Ward and Paddi Creevey in Canberra.
Paul Fitzpatrick, John Lambrecht, Rhys Williams, Andrew Ward and Paddi Creevey in Canberra.

A JOINT delegation from Regional Development Australia (RDA) and Peel Development Commission (PDC) visited senior ministers and senators in Canberra to build capacity for further federal investment for the Transform Peel program.

The $49.3 million transformational project is funded by the WA Government’s Royalties for Regions program under the Growing Our South initiative and includes three significant elements: Peel Business Park, Peel Food Zone and Peel Integrated Water Initiative.

Delegation members PDC chairman Paul Fitzpatrick and chief executive Andrew Ward, RDA Peel chair Paddi Creevey, chief executive John Lambrecht and board member Rhys Williams presented details of the 35-year program demonstrating how it would create jobs for future generations and address social issues in the Peel.

The Transform Peel delegation met with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, Industry, Innovation and Science Minister Greg Hunt, Agriculture and Water Resources Minister Barnaby Joyce, Regional Development Minister Fiona Nash, Employment Minister Michaelia Cash and assistant Minister Angus Taylor and their senior advisors.

Mr Fitzpatrick said the delegation had boosted awareness of Transform Peel.

“This is not just a project to drive growth in the Peel region, it is a development of state and national significance,’’ he said.

“Transform Peel will provide a massive boost for a region that is striving to meet employment and training needs, particularly of young people, by generating an expected 33,000 new jobs by 2050.

“The program will be shaped by smart thinking and big ideas that inform more efficient and sustainable food production, water use and cutting-edge industries.

“The demonstrated potential for industry investment within Transform Peel by Australian and international investors was well received by the federal ministers.”

Ms Creevey said the Commonwealth ministers and senators understood Transform Peel was about changing from our current economic environment, built around traditional jobs, into a new era of economic innovation.

“It’s about creating new industries, more jobs and better living, through innovation,’’ she said.