Pair Bashed by Nightclub Bouncers

MANDURAH detectives are calling for impartial witnesses to get in contact after two men claim they were bashed by security officers at the weekend.

Detective Sergeant Carlos Correia said he would also like people to send them footage of the incident.

“There are allegations of assault on both sides of the fence and we are calling for independent witnesses to get in touch,” he said.

Det Sgt Correia said he would like an “honest account” of the incident.

Mason Fisher and Luke Woodward said bouncers bashed them on Saturday night after 1am.

Warning video contains explicit language and violent content:

Mr Fisher has a broken jaw and Mr Woodward lost a tooth.

After being released from hospital on Sunday morning the pair went to police to press charges.

The case is now in the hands of Mandurah detectives.

Toucan Club venue manager Rory Gould said he would not be commenting on the incident.

This is not the first time the club has courted controversy.

In January, last year, the club used a photo of a woman who appeared to have a disability to promote their weekend events.

In 2014, the club was fined by the advertising review board for “encouraging irresponsible or immoderate drinking”.

Toucan Club was put into lockdown for more than an hour in September, 2011, after three security officers were hospitalised.

Mr Gould was put in place as manager this year.

The club’s operating manager, Mark O’Neil is on trial on June 16 at Mandurah Magistrates Court for failing to follow police orders while he was managing the club.

Anyone with information or footage of Saturday night’s violence should call Det Sgt Correia on 9531 8802 or 9430 1070.