Dings Tour for a Cure rolls into Mandurah

Dings Tour for a Cure rolls into Mandurah

SIMON Dowdle was in Mandurah last week as part of Dings Tour for a Cure.

Mr Dowdle, also known as ‘ding’, left Mildura in Victoria three months ago on the tour.

The aim of the tour is to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer.

His inspiration was seeing his friend’s daughter, Eva die from a rare tissue cancer and another friend’s son, Levi was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease and the survival rates in children with cancer haven’t changed in 47 years.

Mr Dowdle said this is partly because we don’t discuss childhood cancer enough.

“We can talk about breast cancer so much; we can talk about skin cancer, so why aren’t we talking about childhood cancer,” he said.

Eva passed away in 2014 at the age of six, prompting her family to set up the Braver, Stronger, Smarter charity which has now raised more than $200,000.

Mr Dowdle original idea was to raise awareness for childhood cancer and trigger discussion, but when people started to ask him how they could donate, he set up his Just Giving platform.

He set a goal of $16,000 by calculating how many kilometres he would need to drive if traveling around the edge of Australia.

“Creating the awareness is the main thing, if I raise the $16,000 then that’s great,” Mr Dowdle said.

“For me, it’s about giving, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to try and do something to help when you know there are kids out there that have gone through a tough time or are going through a tough time or have passed because there’s not much being done.

“If I can do a little bit, then I will do a little bit.”

September has a special place in Mr Dowdle’s heart as it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

He will wear his gold hat for the entire month which will pair with the purple shirt he wears for Eva.

Dolls Super Eva and Super Levi have accompanied Mr Dowdle around the country.

“The dolls were introduced to tell the kids no matter what you are going through, you are still pretty super,” he said.

“You’re a superhero in our eyes.”

Visit the Ding’s Tour for a Cure on Facebook or donate at Just Giving or www.braverstrongersmarter.org.au.