Domestic violence offender remains in custody

A MAN received cuts and bruises after he was attacked by his partner last night.

The accused will remain in custody after he was denied bail in Mandurah Magistrates Court today.

On Tuesday night at 10pm, the man became involved in a verbal altercation with his partner of five years.

During the altercation the accused punched his victim three times in the head.

The accused then entered the kitchen and grabbed a 30cm knife.

He walked back into the room his partner was in and lunged towards him with the knife.

The victim received a large gash to his shin.

He attended Peel Health Campus with the cut to his knee, severe swelling to his face and a cut on his ear.

The accused was not required to enter a plea, but he pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding with circumstances of aggravation and unlawfully assault and thereby did bodily harm with circumstances of aggravation.

He said the police prosecutor�s portrayal of events was, �pretty accurate.�

Judge Vivian Edwards denied him bail as he was appearing on serious charges and posed a threat to the victim and his family.

The accused was remanded for a pre-sentencing report and will reappear via video link on June 9.