Erskine 90-year-old takes a drive into the past in Honda sports car

Ragani Eulenstein, Terry Lim, Allan Eulenstein, Brian Eulenstein and the Honda S 800 coupe.
Ragani Eulenstein, Terry Lim, Allan Eulenstein, Brian Eulenstein and the Honda S 800 coupe.

ERSKINE 90-year old Allan Eulenstein took a birthday trip down memory lane when he enjoyed a drive in a Honda sports car on his birthday.

Mr Eulenstein, who turned 90 just before Christmas and took pride of place at a party held for him at the RAAFA Retirement Village in Erskine where he and his wife live, had a diverse range of careers over his working life.

One was as sales manager for Honda Victoria back in 1966/67 when Honda began making their very first cars – little two-seater sports jobs, soft tops and coupes.

Son Brian, a Sterling resident, said few people were aware the cars were now very rare collectors items.

“The little Honda S600 and the S800 that came a year later was a car that endeared itself to my father and indeed the whole family,’’ he said.

“My first car was an S600 coupe and my father often says that if could have anything in the world it would be one of these little Hondas.

“So my wife Ragani and I thought that as a very special surprise on his 90th birthday, we would arrange a joy ride down memory lane in a Honda sports car.”Mr Eulenstein managed to track down the owner of a Honda S800 coupe, Terry Lim, who lives in Karrinyup and who was excited to be part of something so special.

“Allan’s excitement, beaming face and tearing eyes was exactly what we hoped for,’’ Mr Eulenstein said.

“He didn’t hesitate to lower himself into this very low slung sports car, which for a 90-year-old is an achievement in itself.””

“Nothing was going to stop him immersing himself into the sights, sounds and feel of his cherished memories.”

Mr Eulenstein said a special thanks went to Brock, a Karrinyup tow truck driver who brought the car down to Mandurah and Peter Kalif, the 80-year old panel beater who worked hard to get the coupe prepared with just a couple of weeks to spare.