Falcon boy combs beach, picking up rubbish ahead of school’s Sand-a-thon

Daniel Ingram with some of the rubbish he has removed from the beach.
Daniel Ingram with some of the rubbish he has removed from the beach.

DANIEL Ingram is eight and has been picking up rubbish from Falcon Beach so the beach is clean and tidy for Falcon Primary School’s Sand-a-thon on Friday, March 9.

Daniel said a two-seater lounge had been left on the sand in the summer holidays.

“It was falling apart and terrible to see each day when I walked my dog,’’ he said.

“So I told my mum we should put it in the bin.

“Each day we broke the sofa apart and carried the bits to the bin.

“On Tuesday, we took the bottom and sides and I used a rope to slide it along the sand.”

Daniel said he enjoyed cleaning up rubbish from the beach.

“It looks ugly on the sand, is bad for the environment and spoils it for everyone else,’’ he said.

“At our school Sand-a-thon we will raise funds to help buy things like sports equipment and learning to make it a better school for us kids.

“I wanted the beach to look clean for the Sand a thon in which all the kids run as many laps as they can up and down the beach.

“We are asking people to donate money for the school and I have raised $70 so far.”

The school has an online fundraising page and Daniel’s page is https://myprofilepage.com.au/campaign/5a952ad5920123549a5846d9/view.

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