Families cop Rotto bus fare increase

‘It’s got to the point where the ordinary West Australian will find it hard to holiday there,’ Charter Boat Operator Association of WA president Rick Reid said.

Its members were charged an extra $16 for each person they took to the island last year.

In mid-December, the RIA increased its fares on its new Island Explorer bus service, which replaced the former Bayseeker operation.

The daily family ticket for two adults and two children on the bus rose from $30 to $50.

A single adult fare is now $20 (previously $14), concessions are up to $16 ($11), while children’s tickets have gone from $6 to $12.

The increases come when income to the Authority is $4 million short of the $35 million it costs to run the island each year.

The State Government provides the difference to the island, which is in the electorate of Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk.

Ms McGurk said she would visit the island to raise the issue of the increases.