Family want Sarah home for Easter

Missing since March 16: Sarah Dunlop.
Missing since March 16: Sarah Dunlop.

Ideally though, Sarah Dunlop will be home in time to celebrate Easter with her six-year-old son.

Sarah�s brother Matthew Dunlop said Sarah�s disappearance has them �pretty confused�.

�We are not sure why she has disappeared or how she�s disappeared,� he said.

�We are trying not to think of worse-case scenarios.�

Sarah has been gone since March 16 more than two weeks.

Matthew said Sarah had needed time out before but her family have always had some idea of where she was.

�Her son is a little bit too young to grasp the situation,� he said.

�But with Easter coming up, Sarah�s disappearance will hit a bit harder.�

Matthew begged Sarah to hurry up and get in contact.

�Sarah you are sorely missed and there�s always a spot at the table for you.�