FIFO’s costly visit to holiday home

Jake Raymond Mosley (23) was charged with one count of burglary and committing an offence in a dwelling, stealing, giving false personal details to police and breaching a bail undertaking.

Police prosecutor Rod Murray said Mosley entered an uninhabited holiday home between August 4 and September 14.

Mosley said he had been drinking with friends and decided to walk home.

He was cold and sick and began to knock on doors, entering one home through the laundry door.

Mosley said while he was in the house, he used the shower, dried his clothes in the dryer and stole $300 worth of alcohol.

‘I didn’t go in with the intention of pinching alcohol,’ he said.

Police identified Mosley from a fingerprint on a gin bottle.

In a separate incident on January 25, police requested Mosley’s name after he was involved in an altercation with another male.

Mosley gave his brother’s name and birth date. Police found Mosley’s ID and he admitted to using a false name.

In court, Mosley forfeited a surety of $4000 and costs of $68 for missing a previous hearing.

He was fined $1500 for burglary and committing an offence in a dwelling, plus $68 in costs.

He also had to pay $1300 to the homeowner for the stolen alcohol and damaging the laundry door, was fined $600 for giving a false name, $28 in costs, $500 for breach of bail and $28 in costs, and was ordered to pay $4000 to the state.