Fixed speed cameras call

Peter Azzaro was killed in a car crash.
Peter Azzaro was killed in a car crash.

Melissa Walton Colyer-long started the petition last week.

‘My family, friends and I lost my uncle,’ she said.

She asked people to sign the petition because there had been too many accidents on Pinjarra Road.

‘There has been a lot of concern in the community about speeding,’ she said.

‘This petition may also help save lives so no one else has to go through what myself, friends and family are going through at the moment.

‘It would also be a good idea for new drivers to learn more about defensive driving, it is too easy to get a licence.’

Mr Azzaro’s funeral was on Monday. He was 74-years-old.

The petition is at www. /permenant-speed-cameras-along-pinjarra-road.html