Food stolen during primary school burglary in Mandurah

HUNDREDS of dollars worth of food were stolen from a local primary school canteen on Sunday.

Children at Halls Head Primary School were able to order their lunches.

But the canteen will have to replace an amount of food and drink.

A canteen volunteer believes the burglary was carried out by a pair due to the amount of food taken in a short period of time.

The thieves tried to gain access through the undercover area.

But when they were not successful, they gained access by smashing open the backdoor.

Frozen chicken strips, lasagne, tubs of icecream, Milo and drinks were taken.

The thieves did not make a mess during the burglary.

The volunteer said “they knew they location of the canteen”.

This is the second food robbery in Mandurah in a manner of weeks.

Chicken was stolen from a Red Rooster delivery driver on July 26.

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