Former Coles worker fined for stealing

A FORMER employee of Coles Erskine has pleaded guilty to eight charges of stealing as a servant.

Claire Yvonne Maher stole goods worth up to $2200 during a two-month period.

Police said Maher stole the goods for another person by not scanning them properly through the tills.

Lawyer Rhonda Flannigan said Maher stole out of frustration with her employer.

�She stopped caring about her job after a shoulder injury three years ago where she lifted a box of cans and collapsed,� she said.

�She saw a doctor who recommended she stay on lift duties, but last year without her knowledge she was put on full duties.�

�She knows it was wrong but she became extremely frustrated with her employer.�

�She did not benefit, is very remorseful and has repaid the money.�

Magistrate Vivien Edwards asked for proof of the amount allegedly taken.

Police said there were only some receipts available.

Magistrate Edwards said she was reluctant to give a spent conviction, as she was more interested in the employer that the actions of the individual.

�Your behaviour was a breach of trust, I refuse a spent conviction,� she said.

Maher was fined $1500.