Fridges full at Foodbank

charity thrilled at $12,000 donation
charity thrilled at $12,000 donation

Manager Caroline Cox was beside herself with excitement with the generous donation.

‘Coles donated the food because it was not needed during the transition from an IGA supermarket to a Coles in Halls Head,’ she said.

‘We are very excited because we struggle to get fridge and freezer food.

‘Fortunately, we have a huge freezer thanks to the support of groups such as PEACH.’

Peel Foodbank helps the disadvantaged in the region.

Despite the significant donation from Coles, Ms Cox does not expect the stock will last long.

‘It will be distributed quickly,’ she said.

‘There is a huge need for food ” the demand is constant and always increasing.’

Ms Cox said that in the past three years, Peel Foodbank’s operations had increased 290 per cent.