Funding shortfall

Mr Templeman has raised the inequity of funding of Royalties for Regions on a number of occasions and was even thrown out of a Parliamentary Estimates Committee in 2011 after a fiery clash with Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls.

During the clash, Mr Templeman highlighted the stark difference in funding from the Program for Peel compared to the other eight regions in WA.

‘Up until now, I have been the lone regional voice speaking out about the inequity of the funding,” Mr Templeman said. ‘But I commend Murray Cowper for highlighting how grossly unfair the carve-up of the Royalties for Regions pie has been for our region.’

Mr Templeman said Mr Cowper’s figures showed the dollar spend for Peel from the Royalties for Regions funding since 2008 was $503 per person, compared to the Pilbara Region ($13,879 per person) and Gascoyne Region ($13,859 per person).

‘When you look at the total spend per region over the last five financial years and then factor in the populations in each region, it is clear the Peel Region has been treated shamefully,” he said.

Mr Templeman agreed with Mr Cowper that having a National Party representative as Minister for the Regions had been detrimental to the Peel Region.