Garage Sale Trail good time to declutter

Garage Sale Trail good time to declutter

THE annual Garage Sale Trail is back for its ninth year.

Over 400,000 people will take part in the nation’s biggest weekend of garage sales on October 19 and 20 including Helena Satonick from Mandurah.

Ms Satonick has been living in Mandurah for three years and is a marketing officer at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

She decided to take part because it seemed like a “stress-free way to try and declutter my house before my husband leaves me for a minimalist”.

“The Garage Sale Trail seems like it will just be great fun – a great idea to make a map of where you want to go, carpool with mates around the neighbourhoods, to find what you’re after and spend time within your own community, rather than some faceless corporation, to buy something brand new and add yet more demand for stuff,” she said.

It is not just about getting rid of unwanted items for Ms Satonick but also combating fast fashion, a trend where clothes are thrown away after one or two uses.

“I used to consume fast fashion in the UK at a level I’m completely ashamed of now,” she said.

“With the climate crisis greater than ever, the need for a circular economy can be one of the most important factors to combat it.”

The event aims to educate people about the importance of reuse, encourage them to take responsibility for their waste and connect communities in a fun and social way.

You can find more information about Ms Satonick’s sale at Garage Sale Trail.

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