Burned Greenfields House Dangerous: Owner Fined for Not Demoliting

The house on Arkansas way has been in a derelict state for many months.
The house on Arkansas way has been in a derelict state for many months.

IGNORING multiple demolition orders from the City of Mandurah will cost Nathan Christopher Savage nearly $9000.

A home he owned on Arkansas Way in Greenfields burned down last year.

A City of Mandurah prosecutor told Mandurah Magistrates Court the home had been damaged in the fire “beyond the prospect of repair and was unfit for human habitation”.

He said the state of the home could be a threat to people and children.

A City representative contacted Savage in August and told him he was required to demolish or repair the building.

The prosecutor said the City received information from Savage in September saying that a demolition company had been contacted.

Savage said he had a quote from the company regarding the cost of demolishing the building.

By December there was no change in the condition of the building and the City had no choice but to take legal action, the prosecutor said.

The demolition company said they had no contact from Savage after they supplied the original quote.

Since then the house had deteriorated further.

The prosecutor said the maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of $1000, with a daily penalty of up to $100.

He said there were 159 days that this penalty could apply to the home on Arkansas Way.

Magistrate Vivien Edwards asked why the City had not used their powers to demolish the home themselves.

The prosecutor said it was “uncommon” for local government to demolish property.

Savage received a fine of $750. He was hit with a daily penalty totalling $7950 and costs of $1694.30.