Halls Head man returns from 15-day fundraising motorbike ride around Australia

John Nye with his welcoming party at Mandurah Police Station.
John Nye with his welcoming party at Mandurah Police Station.

HALLS Head resident John Nye returned from a motorbike ride around Australia this afternoon.

Mr Nye left Mandurah 15 days ago, riding solo unsupported around the country to raise awareness and funds for Peel Youth Medical Services and GP Down South.

His wife Debbie said their family had experienced a loss and knew the importance of having support.

Mr Nye rode on ‘Bonnie’, his Triumph Bonnieville, and raised more than $2000.

Mr Nye said he was happy to be home and was looking forward to “degreasing” and going to Bar Therapy with his welcoming party for a drink.

“It was an experience and an achievement,” he said.

“There was 40C in the Northern Territory, then I copped one of the biggest storms in Brisbane with 200mm in six hours.

“I freezed my but off in Eden and I fought all day coming up from Albany today.

“I am looking forward to getting off this bike for more than 30 minutes.”

To donate to the fundraiser, visit https://www.mycause.com.au/page/163538/jc-rides-again.

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