Halls Head photographer captures rare photo of jellyfish-like creature

A 'By-the-Wind Sailor'. Photo: Veronika Sajova Photography.
A 'By-the-Wind Sailor'. Photo: Veronika Sajova Photography.

AVID photographer Veronika Sajova captured a rare photo of a jellyfish-like creature named By-the-Wind Sailor at Blue Bay Beach last week.

The Halls Head mother of three said she has lived in Mandurah for 12 years and would walk along the beach often, but had never come across a sea creature of its kind.

“I usually come across Man O’War at Blue Bay Beach,” she said.

“I’m sure the photo I took is of a By-the-Wind Sailor, a creature that sometimes washes up in thousands along the coast of Florida in the USA.”

The blue, transparent sea anemone live on the open water and may drift near shore due to tides and winds.

“I visited the beach the day after a storm so I think they wash up on the beach during winter time,” Mrs Sajova said.

Mrs Sajova, who has owned her small business Veronika Sajova Photography since 2013, said she would normally specialise in family and wedding photography.

“I don’t have a studio but I would take my clients to the beach and take photos in outdoor sessions,” she said.