Health campus hit by vandalism spike

Some of the damaged property. Picture: Marie Nirme d404147
Some of the damaged property. Picture: Marie Nirme d404147

Bollard lighting and CCTV cameras have been damaged, car tyres slashed and windows smashed .

Campus chief executive Margaret Sturdy fears the vandals may attack hospital staff or visitors.

‘Over the past four months the vandalism has increased dramatically,’ she said.

‘We’ve had bricks thrown through windows on five occasions.’

On those occasions, the bricks came through windows well away from patients, Dr Sturdy said.

‘It is upsetting to the patients though,’ she said.

‘We have noticed vandalism goes up during school holidays.

‘This is the community’s hospital. We have been pretty upset by the damage.’

Vandals have targetted other businesses in the area, with damage and graffiti on other buildings.

A City of Mandurah spokeswoman said the City encouraged the reporting of graffiti through the website or by calling the State Graffiti Hotline on 1800 44 22 55.

‘In terms of minimisation, council officers consider graffiti and vandalism issues when designing new projects and evaluate design elements to minimise the effect on the City’s infrastructure,’ the spokeswoman said.