Health needs in the spotlight at Peel roundtable

Health needs in the spotlight at Peel roundtable

THE health needs of the Peel region will be in the spotlight when the Health Minister Roger Cook and the Chair of the Sustainable Health Review (SHR) Robyn Kruk host a consultation forum on September 19.

The interim report of the Sustainable Health Review highlighted the Peel region as a pressure point in the health system.

The roundtable will be part of the consultation process to help inform the SHR panel in its considerations for the final report.

Representatives from local government, members of Parliament, health stakeholders and relevant non-government organisations will be among those invited to share their views on how to plan for the future health needs of the rapidly growing region.

Peel Health Campus recently received interim funding of $4.4 million as part of the State Government’s 2018-19 budget.

The multimillion-dollar investment in the facility will provide immediate upgrades to the car parking facilities, while increasing overall security and safety with upgrades to the CCTV system and the lock-down capability.

The SHR Panel delivered an interim report to government in January 2018, with the final report due in November.

The interim report identified areas for further work and further engagement on a range of topics including primary care, climate and environmental health, digital/data/innovation, and workforce and training.

The Department of Health has already begun implementing some of the immediate recommendations from the interim report regarding preventive health and the expansion of telehealth technology.

Mr Cook said the SHR panel received many public submissions on the Peel Region during the earlier consultation period.

“The panel identified the region as a pressure point, and the McGowan Government is committed to ensuring health services in this growing area are safe, effective and sustainable,” he said.

“The roundtable provides a fantastic opportunity for interested parties to come together to discuss ways to improve the health services offered in Peel.”