Historic wishing well demolished

Well, the well is no more.

On Monday, two council workers with jackhammers demolished the Peel Memorial Well that has stood near the Old Mandurah Bridge since 1955.

Back in the day, the contents of the well would be donated to charity. The well was built using funds donated by members of the public.

It commemorated some of Mandurah�s earliest settlers, including Thomas Peel. Peel died on December 21, 1865 and 90 years later the well was unveiled by then minister for tourism Lionel F Kelly.

A few years ago, the well was covered with a disc indicating the distances to international and Australian towns and cities.

The Heritage Council of WA states that the well had historical and social significance.

Their website states that the well is a �significant site for the development of Mandurah�s communication and transportation system. The well provides a link between past and present generations of Mandurah residents.�

The City of Mandurah said the well will go into storage while they consider relocation options. It will also put interpretive artwork, seating, signage and old bridge timbers into storage while redevelopment works are carried out on the Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge.