How Mandurah’s silliest criminals landed themselves in hot water

MANDURAH had a spate of silly criminals appear in court on Tuesday.

Rhiannon Emily Burns attended court on September 18 to apply for a restraining order.

Security guards searched her and found a glass pipe and a white powder in her bag.

Burns told police she was holding it for a friend.

She was found guilty in her absence of possession of drug paraphernalia on which there was a prohibited drug and fined $600.

Julie Yevonne De Agrela called the police to help her, but she was the one who ended up in trouble.

De Agrela called police on September 17 at 12.55pm.

She was carrying her handbag and acting erratically, so police searched her.

They found a syringe filled with 26ml of methamphetamine.

De Agrela admitted it was hers.

She was found guilty in her absence of possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, and fined $700.

William Robert Anthony Kelly came to the attention of police when he pulled the middle finger at them as they drove past on October 6 at 1.10am.

They pulled over and asked him his name – to which he answered Robert Jensen.

Police asked for his address – to which he answered 13 Who Knows Street.

These details proved to be false when checked on the computer.

Kelly was found guilty in his absence and ordered to pay a $600 fine.