Hundreds visit homeless man living under Mandurah Estuary Bridge

Phil Wren with his homemade houseboat.
Phil Wren with his homemade houseboat.

PHIL Wren has been homeless for six years, but describes how he lives as camping.

The former FIFO worker has built a houseboat, which he has had moored near the Estuary Bridge for the past two weeks.

His highly visible setup features a pot belly stove, LED lights and solar panels (which provide 200 amps of battery storage). He rolls out a mat on the floor of the boat when he needs to sleep.

The houseboat took four months to build.

Mr Wren hopes to get a projector screen so he can set up an outdoor cinema.

Since Mr Wren has been moored up in Erskine, he said hundreds of people have visited him and many have delivered food.

“It’s been an awesome reaction,” he said.

Mr Wren said he was severely in debt and had suffered from depression in the past.

“I just live for today,” he said.

“I am normally a functioning person.

“There is a difference between being a victim and surviving.

“I can laugh and smile at the moment.”

The City of Mandurah has been contacted for comment.