International Women’s Day: Mandurah MLA Templeman calls for more to be done for gender equality

Mandurah MLADavid Templeman has called for more to be done for gender equality.
Mandurah MLADavid Templeman has called for more to be done for gender equality.

MANDURAH MLA David Templeman has marked the 80th anniversary of the first International Women’s Day event in Perth by calling for more to be done to achieve gender equality.

The World Economic Forum reports that, at the current rate of progress, it will take more than 200 years to achieve economic gender parity across the globe.

Australia has gone backwards from ranking 15th on the global general equality ladder 10 years ago to 35th last year.

To highlight the issue, the State Government is running an eight-day social media campaign using the global hashtag #PressforProgress.

The campaign will showcase several WA women and an inspiring young girl who speak about what press for progress means to them.

Seven-year-old Madeline Parker is a student at Secret Harbour Primary School and features in one of the short films.

Diagnosed with cancer at the age of five, she has since made a full recovery and wants to become a scientist and a doctor.

Others taking part in the campaign include musician Stella Donnelly, soccer star Sam Kerr and the first female Anglican Archbishop in the world Kay Goldsworthy.

Mr Templeman said that in all aspects of life, from schools to the workplace to retirement, at home and in the communities, girls and women deserved equality.

“International Women’s Day is a time for the Mandurah community to acknowledge the women who have shown great leadership as well as reflect on the work still to be done to achieve gender equality,’’ he said.

“With economic modelling revealing that gender parity is more than 200 years away, its time to #PressforProgress.”

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