Jail term following

Rory Alexander Dickson (25) pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Rod Murray said Dickson was living with a woman at a George Street house when she was evicted. He said Dickson had a vehicle in the carport and failed to move it, despite repeated requests. The landlord organised for the vehicle to go to the wreckers.

Sgt Murray said Dickson went to the 59-year-old landlord’s house in Greenfields last November. He said Dickson approached the landlord, punched him and they struggled. Sgt Murray said the landlord threw a rock at Dickson and Dickson punched the landlord repeatedly in the head.

The landlord suffered bruising and cuts on his face and required dental work.

Dickson’s lawyer said tempers were very high andhis client had wanted to negotiate about the car and had not intended to fight the landlord.

The court was told he was on a suspended imprisonment order at the time of the assault and was also serving a jail term.