Joy and sadness on day

She enjoyed time with her five-week-old twins, but remembered her son Korben, who passed away from SIDS more than a year ago.

Korben was eight months old when he died.

�It was devastating,� Ms Bassett said. �It was probably like tearing your heart out and stomping on it.

�It doesn�t get easier.�

Ms Bassett lived in Mandurah for 26 years, but moved to Port Kennedy after Korben died because she and her partner James needed family support.

When Ms Bassett found out she was pregnant with pigeon-pair twins, it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

�I always wanted a boy and girl,� she said.

�It was good, but sad.

�It�s sad knowing they won�t know Korben.�

She said James was �pretty stoked� to be a father to twins.

Ms Bassett said her babies Lottie and Kohen were healthy and content.

�It feels good,� she said.

�I am going to be a helicopter mother.�