Local business given an edge on City of Mandurah contracts

City of Mandurah.
City of Mandurah.

LOCAL business has been given an edge over their non-local competitors when competing for City of Mandurah business.

Councillors decided last night to increase the local preference for procurements over $75,000 to 10 per cent and five per cent where the contract is for construction services.

It is a big improvement on the current price preference of two per cent for Mandurah businesses and one per cent for Peel business.

All things being equal in terms of quality and service, local business can now be up to 10 per cent more expensive and still win the contract.

Mayor Rhys Williams said it would make a difference to the high rate of unemployment among young people.

“One of my priorities is supporting local business because they in turn provide jobs for young people,’’ he said.

The meeting also included a doubling in financial support for Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the year and a deal with Seven West Media to support Crab Fest.

“Last year, Crab Fest provided work for 145 local businesses and pumped $8 million into the economy,’’ he said.

“Our investment is another example of the City pulling all the strings we can to support the business community.”

The new procurement policy will be advertised and is expected to take about four weeks before it comes into operation.