Lotto windfall yet to be collected at Charthouse News, Waikiki

WAIKIKI’s Charthouse News has sold a Division 1 prize in Saturday Lotto.

The ticket-holder for the $785,673 prize was yet to come forward yesterday and may not even know they have won.

Store owner Patricia Collings has been telling every customer that has visited the store to check their tickets.

“I keep thinking what perfect timing, this winner is about to have a fantastic Christmas,” she said.

The staff are hoping one of their customers who frequent the small, local shop, is the mystery winner of the weekend win.

“It’s really helped boost morale,” she said. “I’ve texted all the staff to spread the news.”

Not only has WA’s latest Saturday Lotto winner benefited from the weekend draw, so has the entire local community, as 34 cents out of every dollar spent on Lotterywest Games goes back to support WA through Lotterywest Grants.

The South Coast Baptist College Incorporated in Waikiki was a recent recipient of this support, receiving a $102,522 Lotterywest Grant in June. These funds were used towards a nature-based outdoor play area, which is age-appropriate and meets the developmental needs of children attending the South Coast Baptist College Childcare Centre.