Madora Bay plan on agenda at City of Mandurah meeting

THE City of Mandurah will consider a report regarding the Madora Bay North Local Structure Plan at its meeting tonight.

As a result of the Planning and Development Regulations 2015, which came into effect on October 19, the council’s role at a recent mediation meeting was limited as the council is no longer a decision maker.

But as the council has previously been involved in the proposal, it will provide feedback to the WA Planning Commission ahead of the WAPC meeting on December 15 when the plan will be reconsidered.

Councillors will also consider an application for a proposed child care centre at Candelo Loop, Country Road, opposed by 16 residents and Cr Ron Wortley will move a notice of motion that the council investigate providing North Ward residents with access to free parking and boat launching facilities.

Cr Wortley said residents in south and east Mandurah already had access to free facilities while those to the north often used Mandurah Ocean Marina facilities for which they had to pay.

From this month, full council meetings will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 5.30pm rather than the previous two committee meetings and one full council meeting.