Make a donation and make a real difference

Since 1941, Wanslea Family Services has touched the lives of thousands of West Australians in times of family need.

‘Most families go through crisis or trauma at some point in their lives and fortunately there are organisations, like Wanslea Family Services, to provide support and assistance to families during difficult times,’ Simplicity Funerals Mandurah location supervisor Anne Russo said.

‘This is why we are asking local community groups, craft groups, clubs, residents associations and anyone else who would like to get involved to donate new or handmade clothing, school bags, books, sport shoes and equipment.’

Donated items will go to the less fortunate children in the community as well as those living in foster care.

Although Wanslea Family Services tries as much as possible to deliver its services in people’s homes, unfortunately children may need to be placed in foster care, which can be traumatic.

‘Items like school bags, books, sport equipment and toys can go a long way in helping children feel more settled in an unfamiliar environment,’ Ms Russo said.

‘Please only donate new and unused items as all too often these children have only ever been given second hand items and receiving a new gift, especially during a traumatic time, can mean the world to them.’

Items can be delivered during business hours to Simplicity Funerals, 73 Gordon Road, Mandurah.