Man accused of rampage with golf club in Lakelands

Man accused of rampage with golf club in Lakelands

POLICE claim a man went on a rampage with a golf club in Lakelands yesterday.

The man entered a garage of a house in Cawana Parkway at 7.30pm and allegedly armed himself with a golf club he found.

Police said the man then entered the house, where he was confronted by a resident. It is alleged the resident was threatened and the offender left the scene, taking the golf club with him.

A short time later, a woman was parked outside a house on Nullewa Parkway and the man approached her with the golf club. It will be alleged the man threatened the woman and demanded he be given the vehicle. The woman ran from the vehicle.

Police claim the man struck the vehicle with the golf club and smashed a window. He then ran from the scene.

Mandurah Police attended and engaged in a foot chase with the man. It will be alleged during the chase the man struck another parked vehicle with the golf club, smashing a tail light.

Police said the man became aggressive and moved towards them with the golf club. The man was tasered and taken into custody without further incident.

Police claim the man had also entered the garden of another house in Cawana Parkway, but nothing was stolen.

A 27-year-old man from Mandurah has been charged with trespass, aggravated home burglary and commit, stealing, two counts of being armed in a way that may cause fear, attempted armed robbery, two counts of criminal damage, obstructing a public officer and breach of bail. He was due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday.