Man caught out in crime wave

Rhett Stephen Hayes found a wallet in a trolley at Bunnings.

He took the wallet and used one of the cards to make a series of payments at assorted shops on March 23.

Hayes made three separate payments totalling $261.05 at Coles Meadow Springs.

He went into a newsagency and made a payment of $100.

At Target, Hayes made separate purchases that added up to $244.

He then went into a bottle shop and bought alcohol worth $151.

Hayes entered Coles again and spent $198.63.

All up Hayes spent $954.68 using payWave.

Police arrested Hayes when he was caught shoplifting at David Jones on May 25.

He was identified as the payWave offender using CCTV images taken at Meadow Springs shopping centre.

Hayes pleaded guilty to seven counts of stealing.

The court heard he had $9500 in outstanding fines.

He was given a global fine of $800 and ordered to pay $70.72 to David Jones for the shoplifting matter.