Man fined for ignoring Mandurah Forum ban

A MAN received fines for entering Kmart and in the process ignoring an order banning him indefinitely from Mandurah Forum.

In Mandurah Magistrates Court, James Patrick Moss pleaded guilty to trespassing without a lawful excuse.

Moss received a banning notice from Forum management earlier this year, after he destroyed property within the shopping centre.

The banning notice could only be lifted at the Forum management’s discretion.

On October 2, at 12.45pm Moss was spotted in Kmart and police were called.

Counsel for the accused said Moss had dealt with the damage charges and as a result thought the ban had been lifted.

The trespass charge was in breach of a conditional release order, Moss was fined $400 for the breach, $500 for trespass and the release order was cancelled.