Man fined over drugs and stealing

At 11.30am on August 11, Perry was at Henson Street Beach.

Police received reports of a suspicious looking man approaching women and children.

When officers arrived, they found Perry had 0.1 grams of synthetic methamphetamine and synthetic cannabis.

On Saturday, September 13, Perry entered Seabreeze Deli at 8pm. He took a mocha drink from the fridge and went up to the counter.

He then asked for a twin pack of cigarettes, which the shop assistant placed on the counter before moving to use the till.

Perry took the items and walked out of the store.

The shop assistant followed him outside and convinced Perry to come back and wait for police.

When police arrived, he resisted arrest and told them �You are not arresting me… I am God�.

The community corrections officer said Perry took part in lengthy drug binges and self-reported frequent substance abuse.

He said Perry had returned to a healthy lifestyle and was looking at boxing in the State titles.

�Drug use is not conducive to that,� she said.

Perry received a global fine of $500 for five breaches of CRO or community orders without reasonable excuse.

He received a $500 fine for possession of synthetic drugs and a $500 fine for disorderly conduct.

For stealing, he received a fine of $100 and was ordered to return the property.